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Fallout 4 Spas 12 Mod

Become a bad boys from the eighties !! Hunt deathclaw as if you were in jurassic park, or choose a "I'll be back" attitude.Be the copycat of Gordon Freeman from Half Life !!Use this stand alone spas 12 shotgun to do big boom !

Fallout 4 Spas 12 Mod

Download Zip:

S-RavageFire ModePump-actionMagazine Size8 rounds (MP) (12 w/ Extended Mags)10 rounds (Zombies)UnlockedClassic Weapon Unlock Token (1st, 3rd, 5th, or 7th Prestige)Level 34 (Zombies)HUD iconConsolecodename(s)iw7_spasc_mp

I really really love this mod! makes fallout 4 playble for me! I'm not a huge fan of the vanilla weapons or other weapon mods I've seen in nexus. I really like real weapons in the game just like your mods and you even added it to the lvld list so enemies can use it which is awesome! You guys really did a great job on this


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