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Battlefield 1942 Intro Music

As the first soundtrack of the Battlefield series, the soundtrack of Battlefield 1942 soundtrack introduced the Battlefield Theme, as well as making use of large and majestic fanfares similar to those used in future installments.

Battlefield 1942 Intro Music

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I played BF1942 multiplayer briefly, and the singleplayer only once thru. BF2 was my favorite, and I racked up nearly 300 hours of online gameplay. The music was outstanding, gameplay fast and fun, and very addicting. BF2142 was a lot of fun, too, but I quickly got bored after roughly 40 hours of online gameplay.

@Stealhelm man the memories i still have my BF-1942 pc pack that i had bought from Gamestop before they stopped sellin pc games..grew up playin that tiger hunt, to ice age carnivores, to deer avenger man great games from the 2000s :) could you possibly make BF-1942 intro from the game & import it to here mods site as an intro please :)

Joel Eriksson began to work on music for games early in his career. In 2000, he made the music for the acclaimed EA game, Battlefield 1942. This innovative WWII themed multiplayer game gained cult and commercial success, spawning a much loved series. The theme song is an iconic piece of music. It has been covered by orchestras and fans all over the world and appears in the sequels of the game franchise. Away from games, Eriksson has made music for films and TV. In 2006, he scored the music for the Finnish-Swedish feature film, 7 miljonärer.

Eriksson has continued to compose and produce music to this day. By his own admissions, he has now grown up and in 2018 built his own studio. In 2021, he decided to celebrate twenty years since the original Battlefield 1942 theme, by recording a new version. He is currently working on JOL tracks, video creation and game projects and wishes to create more songs and soundtracks in the future. 041b061a72


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