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Basic Element - Someone Out There. Feat Taz [Official Video]

The Agatha Christie favourite Witness for the Prosecution appears to be a jury-pleaser. Opening in 2017, it's currently booking at London's historic County Hall until September 2020 - surpassing the play's original West End run - and celebrates its 1,000th performance on Saturday.We talk to cast members Taz Skylar and Alexandra Guelff about performing the show in such a unique venue and why Christie's work is still so popular.To start with, I presume you are innocent and haven't been involved in an elaborate murder mystery yourself?Taz: Funny you say that ... [laughs]Alex: Please state for the record that I haven't been to court for murder... but I have been as a witness. Even when you're a witness, you feel a bit guilty - there is just something so imposing with authority in an institutional set-up.Why do you think Agatha Christie is still so popular?Taz: I think Christie's work, in general, is timeless. She is to murder mystery what Shakespeare is to verse and sonnet. No matter how much someone tries to redo the murder mystery genre, there is always an element of Christie in there. Her stories are the purist version of murder mystery - the structures she put in place to tell those stories are so brilliant and dexterous that you can't redo them without her essence in them.

Basic Element - Someone Out There. feat Taz [Official Video]

Features about the film's production, including one from the official website, emphasized its state-of-the art computer technology when it came to its live-action/animation hybrid: "this film could have not been made two years ago," claimed animation director Tony Cervone in 1996. Due to its mixture of various art mediums as well as the "broad sense of humor and entertainment" unique to the Looney Tunes, Space Jam was considered an important part of diversifying the animation industry. The movie broke the record for amount of composited shots in a featured film - "roughly 1,043" according to producer Ron Tippe, as well as a record number of FX shots, with around 1,100 in a single 90-minute film. Independence Day (1996), released the same year, had 700 FX shots within two hours of screen time. Tippe claimed the film would have, at most, "multiple characters, multiple levels of effects and, in some cases, up to 70 elements" in one shot. 041b061a72


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