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This South Park Eric Cartman Cosplay Knit Pom Beanie Hat lets you channel your inner Cartman with each wear. You just might find yourself reaching for Cheesy Poofs and playing World of Warcraft for hours when you add this pom beanie hat to your daily look. Perfect for cosplay events, South Park marathons, gifting, and more.

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A classic knit kids' beanie updated with fuzzy faux fur texture. Soft, fluffy, and naturally stretchy for an easy, cozy fit. Can be worn as a cuffed, rolled, or slouchy winter hat. Make it a matching set with our kids' faux fur mittens. Knit from hypoallergenic, washable yarn.

Searching for a new beanie for whenever the weather turns cold? After extensive market research, we purchased 10 of the best men's beanies for side-by-side analysis. Our testing team wore these beanies through the fall, winter, and spring, through the wildly variable weather of the Northeast. We pulled them down tight through the rain and bone-chilling wind, packed them for frigid nights in the backcountry, and even enjoyed their comfort on mild and sunny afternoons. Over months of hands-on testing, we assessed each cap on its comfort, warmth, fit, aesthetics, and craftsmanship. So whether you want to add a little warmth to your winter, comfort to your fall, or a little style to your spring, our round-up will help you find the perfect beanie for your needs and budget.

While a high-quality beanie will sometimes make all the difference, other times you need to add a bit more to keep you warm. Whether it's time to upgrade your puffy jacket, or you simply need a great sweater to compliment your new cap, our experts have you covered with in-depth reviews of the best in men's clothing.

Classic Carhartt at its finest, the Knit Cuffed Beanie is our favorite cold-weather hat. Built with the heavy-duty and high-quality construction that the brand is synonymous with, you get exactly the kind of product you'd expect here. While other beanies we tested had a similar construction style and similar material used, this one was always coming out a notch above and on top. With quality design and construction, the acrylic rib knitting provides a snug fit on most head sizes without being too tight. This beanie kept us comfortable and warm, providing serious protection from the elements while also having the ability to keep you dry from sweat on those long and rugged days. Holding up strongly through the rain, snow, sleet, and wind, this is a great hat for when the going gets rough.

Synthetics can sometimes get a bit stuffy, but this is hands down one of the most breathable of the synthetic rib-knit beanies we tested. It can still get pretty toasty on the inside during lengthy periods of physically demanding activity. Most of the time, we were comfortable just rolling it up a bit higher and trucking on. The look is classic cool and is ready for anything while still offered at a solid price point. The Carhartt Knit Cuffed Beanie is hands down our favorite option.

Warm, affordable, and stylish, Connectyle makes a great option with traditional looks and great functionality. This is a double-layered synthetic beanie, which helps the Connectyle Classic Winter Hat keep you warm and dry while looking good while doing it. Wide rib knitting gives a bulkier and incredibly comfortable build to a hat that can keep up on the trail or in the city. This beanie comes in a wide array of colors so you can show your own style. Connectyle made this one feel super comfy all day long, whether you are getting up and getting active or lounging around.

The wide opening can make this beanie feel a bit loose on smaller heads, but it stays nicely in place and adjusts well on other head sizes. The thread pills pretty fast, but it gives it some character. The internal seams seem a bit ragged, though this didn't impact the look or comfort and didn't bother us during testing. Overall, the Connectyle offers comfort, style, and warmth for an affordable price.

Cut and dry, this is as traditional and simple as a beanie gets. When people think of a beanie, what probably appears in their mind is something along the lines of the Top Level Cuffed. Synthetic materials and a tight-knit construction make this one your standard winter beanie at a great price. Warmth and weather resistance are strong, and the adjustable cuff and stretchy build make this one adaptable to anyone's head.

The warmth here is terrific, but the build of this one makes it one of the least breathable from our test group, and that can make this one a bit too hot if you start really exerting yourself. The material itself isn't the most breathable and can wind up getting itchy when you wear it for lengthy periods of time. If you need a simple and straightforward beanie to stay very warm and dry, this one should be a staple for anyone living in or even passing through colder climates. Coming in at a low price point and offered in many color options, this is a great purchase to add to your winter wear when the cold and wet days really hit home.

The North Face Salty Dog feels just as at home down on the docks as it does on a campsite. Perfect for everyday wear, this beanie looks great and feels better. A synthetic exterior helps keep you dry, while the jersey cotton liner gives some extra warmth and a ton of comfort. The construction lets your head breathe without overheating, but the thick knit and soft liner keep you plenty warm, even when the temperature drops well below freezing. The liner is relatively shallow, which allows the cuff to be adjustable to different sizes without sacrificing the comfort the jersey cotton provides for your forehead and scalp. The North Face holds nothing back, using top-notch materials and impeccable construction, giving it a high-quality look and feel. Wearing a Salty Dog Beanie might just keep you comfortable and warm while bringing you some compliments as a bonus. As this one breaks over time, it even starts to look better and better with some wear and tear.

In terms of practical functionality, the Salty Dog Beanie is terrific in a huge variety of situations, but we think it might be best worn in less than the most extreme conditions. While it can certainly hold up to the elements, if the inside gets wet, or you sweat excessively, and the temperature drops too low, the jersey cotton liner does not have the wicking effects of wool or synthetic materials and can stay wet much longer. Aside from scenarios where you might be getting the inside damp and the moisture gets stuck there, we would wear this pretty much anytime we could justify wearing a beanie.

An active lifestyle amidst changing temperatures requires gear that can adapt to your demands, whatever they may be. We found the Meriwool Merino Cuff beanie could keep up with everything we threw at it in our testing. The high-quality merino wool regulates heat in hot or cold weather and is incredibly soft. The wicking ability really makes this an amazing beanie, meaning a hat that feels soft and stays dry, both inside and out, under nearly any conditions. The construction is high quality and seems built to last, which makes it all that much better, knowing you have a beanie you can put through it all, over and over. Whatever your outdoor passion, Meriwool has you covered. We put this beanie to the test, and it crushed it when used for running or lightweight warmth on a fast-paced trek when the mercury drops.

While this beanie is made to wear in any weather, it is not our first choice when trying to look stylish. This has a slim, athletic fit and an oddly slouchy alternative when uncuffed. It still has a clearly well-made look and comes in appealing color choices, so it can suffice in a pinch if you're headed back into civilization and need to keep your head warm after a long day. We found many purposes for this Meriwool hat, and we recommend it for all-day comfort in any outdoor setting.

Light-hearted and casual, the Neff Daily is exactly the kind of hat we like for the cold season coming in. This beanie is soft and fluffy and plenty warm. From the ski lodge to base camp, this one is the relaxed fit that will keep your noggin' toasty from the time you have your morning coffee till you turn in at night. The thick and soft thread keeps the wearability and warmth on high, while the slouchy design keeps it comfortable in any situation.

Loosely knit, the Neff Daily's fabric sheds quickly and can look a bit furry after a while. This beanie's overall slouchy look isn't everyone's cup of tea, and even though it can be cuffed if needed, it doesn't look like it's meant to be worn that way. At the end of the day, Neff is synonymous with super chill and warm winter style, and this one comes in a ton of colors, making it a great buy for anyone seeking a casual look at an accessible price point that still maintains function and comfort.

To keep up with your active lifestyle and keep warm in whatever weather conditions are thrown at you, you need a beanie that will keep up. Under Armour made the Tactical Stealth 2.0 to stand up to so many uses. Breathable synthetic construction wicks moisture away from the head while keeping you nice and warm. The solid construction and well-made seams make this one built to last and stay looking good. Coming in subdued colors, this beanie has a sharp and professional look to it.

Trying to find that perfect beanie that you can run in during the morning and climb a mountain with on the weekend can be tough if you haven't looked at the Minus33 Merino Ridge Cuff. Minus33 uses lightweight Australian Merino Wool to give us an athletic, slim-fitting beanie that is very versatile. Soft and comfortable, the natural fibers also provide a warm, breathable hat that can wick away moisture and dry quickly.

This beanie's tight-to-the-head and thinner build may not be the look for everyone, and while it is weather-resistant, it is not a thick hat, which can lead to getting a chill in high winds. Overall, this hat is a multi-tool, great for keeping in your pack list for any excursion or your daily use around town. 041b061a72


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