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Mens Skull Makeup __EXCLUSIVE__

An easy skull makeup look features white paint covering the whole face and neck and black eyeshadows around the eyes. If you want to enhance the look with more creepiness, add blood drips and gaping wounds.Save to

mens skull makeup

How do men do vampire makeup? For a classic vampire male Halloween makeup look, follow the next steps:1.Apply foundation that is two shades lighter than your natural skin tone all over your face as well as ears.2.Using your finger, apply powder blush underneath your lower lash line.3.Put red lip liner on your finger and apply it to the middle of your lips.4.Using hair wax, style your brows so that they look more edgy.

This simple Sugar Skull makeup and DIY headband are one of the ultimate solutions to a last-minute Halloween or fancy dress costume! Pair with an outfit you already own and you have a complete DIY sugar skull costume in under half an hour total!

Deciding on a Halloween costume is hard freaking work, because your options are literally endless. With so many alternatives at your disposal, it's easy to push deciding on a Halloween costume off until the last minute. Then, you're left scrambling until you end up just deciding to slip a garbage bag over your head and be trash for Halloween (true story). If this sounds like you, know that I feel you on the most personal, spiritual level I've ever felt anything. Also know that I come bearing this easy skeleton makeup tutorial for Halloween as a solution to our procrastination.

Obviously, when you think of a skull, the main pieces you have to hit are the hollow parts like the eye sockets, the nose, and just under the cheekbones. Strazzere packed Grayscale in those areas with a fluffy eyeshadow brush, all around where the black shade would eventually be.

Next, Strazzere began to construct the mouth area of the skeleton makeup look using gray as a base once again. Using a small eyeshadow brush, she connected the gray area on my cheekbones to a more defined line on each of the outer corners of my mouth. She also drew gray lines up and down atop my lips to create the appearance of teeth on a skeleton.

"When you're doing the mouth and the nose, [don't] try to do it in one big swoop. I like to use the Dagger Tattoo liner and almost sketch it out first. Then, once you have the exact placement, go back and do your hard lines. That way, it still looks delicate and you still have thin lines," Strazzere says. "With this guy, because it has that little tapered end, it makes it so easy. So instead of going and trying to do one big line ... if you do all these little tiny ones, it makes it so much easier to go back over." Not needing to do perfect lines may just make this the best makeup tutorial ever.

Finally, she spritzed a bit of the Lock-It Makeup Setting Mist ($29, KVD Vegan Beauty) all over my face, essentially to make sure no part of my new skeleton persona could leave me this day. "It has cucumber extract in it and it hydrates your skin through the makeup, so you'll never look cakey," she says. "It gives your skin the moisture it needs and then helps the foundation to look more like skin."

All too often, you think a Halloween skeleton makeup tutorial is easy only to find that you don't have the time, the tools, or the patience necessary to recreate all the extravagant skull looks out there, with their super harsh lines, detailed teeth, and intricate cracks. However, a pared down tutorial like this one from Strazzere proved that you don't need five hours, every special effects makeup product in the world, or even a super duper steady hand to make a stellar look. @ all Halloween procrastinators like me out there who aren't professional makeup artists, trust me when I say this easy peasy tutorial has us written all over it.

Halloween is creeping up and you might not have as much money as you'd like to spend on a new costume this year. However, there's a thrifty solution for ghoulish gals who aren't afraid of a little face paint and who love getting creative: Exposed skull Halloween makeup. All you'll need to do is create a DIY skeleton costume, borrow a ready made one from a friend, or pick up some brilliantly bony accessories from your local dollar store.

There have been quite a few bony-faced folks in popular culture recently, from Rick Genest AKA Zombie Boy, to James Bond in Spectre, to El Diablo in Suicide Squad . So here are some spine-tingling exposed skull makeup tutorials that are key to becoming a skeleton this Halloween.

Not only does this tutorial include how to create a neon and UV/blacklight skull look, it also includes instructions on how to create a DIY hat complete with lights, so your makeup will be illuminated wherever you are.


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