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[S7E4] Infection, Part III

"Infection" is a three-part fictional crossover event that exists within the Chicago television franchise. The event aired on NBC consecutively in three back-to-back one-hour time slots on October 16, 2019. It began with "Infection: Part I" of Chicago Fire, continued with "Infection: Part II" of Chicago Med, and then concluded with "Infection: Part III" of Chicago P.D. All three episodes followed a unified story line of an infection spreading across Chicago and the first responders dealing with the repercussions. Many actors in the franchise appeared outside of their main series and in all three parts of the crossover.

[S7E4] Infection, Part III

The press begins questioning Goodwin about the infection. Upton gets examined for potential infection after finding Song's blood on her; Song flatlines in surgery and unable to be revived. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) arrives to begin tracking down the source of the infection. Ambulance 61 along with two other ambulance companies get dispatched to the same apartment complex where they find five infected patients. The CDC along with Chicago Med, Fire, and P.D., evacuate the apartment building in hopes to finding more leads. P.D. narrows down all sources of the infection to either CCU or the apartment building and identifies it's being spread via a bug sprayer. The CDC thoroughly inspects the apartment building and finds a bug sprayer being burned in the furnace. Voight and Upton begin interviewing tenants of the apartment building who all collectively describe a man who appeared to be an exterminator. CCU students reveal that they were working with the infection hoping to make a treatment for it although its progress was destroyed in the fire. One apartment tenant mentions a blue pickup truck with a grey circle which intelligence begins searching for. When the apartment tenants get impatient they all escape quarantine but most are later found. Upton's test comes back clear and she is released. Intelligence tracks down a blue pickup in the vicinity of the apartment building and the tag plate comes back to a car rental company. CCU students along with Will Halstead continue looking for a treatment and begin making progress. Burgess and Ruzek question the car rental employee and get security footage, the rentee is positively identified as an employee of the CCU lab. Meanwhile, Firehouse 51 is dispatched to a public disturbance call. Will Halstead walks in on a lab assistant, David Seldon, destroying microbiology samples, the two engage in a fight but Seldon ultimately wins by hitting Halstead in the head with medical equipment, knocking him unconscious, and runs away.

And now we have a comment on the entire prescription drug industry. Even when we first have the chance to start piecing things together following the fire, Atwater is surprised to learn how the private sector partners with the university.

"Infection, Part III" is the fourth episode of Season 7 of Chicago P.D. It is the conclusion of a three-part crossover event with spinoffs Chicago Fire and Chicago Med. The event starts with "Infection, Part I", and continues with "Infection, Part II" and concluding with said episode.

Infection, Part I is the fourth episode of the eighth season and the 163rd overall episode of Chicago Fire. It is the first part of a three-part crossover event with Chicago Med and Chicago P.D. The event starts with Infection, Part I, continues with Infection, Part II, and concludes with Infection, Part III.

An entire apartment complex is forced into quarantine when cases of a deadly virus turn into an epidemic; P.D. chases a lead that could point to a case of bioterrorism, and Will gets dangerously close to the suspect. 041b061a72


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