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Obby But You're A Ball Skip Level(not Gui)

Obby but you're a ball12CreatorPlanetarium DevMonth createdJune 2022VisitsAround 4,220,000 Page last updated on December 11, 2022Obby but you're a ball is a difficulty chart obby experience created by Planetarium Dev. It is unique in that it requires users to play as a sphere (ball) instead of their Roblox avatar. By default, a player's ball is white and uses the default Smile; however, passes can be purchased with Robux to customize these features. As of November 2022, the game contains 120 stages.

Obby but you're a ball skip level(not gui)

This is a maze that you will need luck or a video to pass. Just keep moving, and after that, go up the truss, avoid the killbrick balls, and make your way to the end. The truss to the danger obby is also in here, climb down and find the portal, then finish the obby for a free skip from the maze.

Then go to oofday and go to Ballmik. You will be inside a baller bossfight. Its attacks are its dodgeballs. Just dodge the dodgeballs and you will see Slicik. Its attacks are flying sword. After finishing Slicik, you will go to Piercik. Its attacks are flying arrows. It constantly gets faster every time. After piercik is Crushik. Its attacks is a giant hammer and you have to get away by going to one side. Finishing them all will ring you to the Boss Fighting Stages lobby. 041b061a72


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