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Kelly Coffey-Meyer - 30 Minutes To Fitness: Body Training (2009)

Twenty outfield soccer players (age = 14.8 0.6 years; body height = 173 7 cm; body mass = 60.6 8.1 kg; training experience in the club = 3.8 2.6 years) who competed in the Spanish U16 Provincial Division and belonged to the same team participated in the study. A typical training session included a warm-up (general mobility games, technical-tactical drills), practice of specific game situations, small-sided games and practice of formal game situations (Sanchez-Sanchez et al., 2017). Each player was monitored four times in different sided games, thus a total of 80 observations were recorded for further analysis. All participants (i.e., 2 central defenders, 4 wingers, 2 midfielders and 2 forwards) trained for two hours, three days per week and were involved in official matches once per week, resulting in a total soccer practice time of 7.5 h per week. Players of the team with the most minutes played during matches and without injury in the month prior to the investigation were selected to participate. Coaches, players and parents or tutors were informed of the research procedures, requirements, benefits and potential risks before providing written informed consent. The study was performed in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki (2013), approved by Ethics Committee under the code M10/2016/079.

Kelly Coffey-Meyer - 30 Minutes to Fitness: Body Training (2009)


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