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Twisted Metal 3 UPD

Just a few short years ago, Twisted Metal was the unchallenged car combat game. There was nothing that compared to the "twisted" characters and awesome action. Well, here we are today and Twisted Metal III is almost like the forgotten step-child. You know, people vaguely remember the name but that is about all. With the new entrants into the car combat scene like Vigilante 8 and Rogue Trip, TM III has a tough battle ahead if they want to make it back to the top. Can they do it? I hate to say it but I don't think so.

Twisted Metal 3

Lastly, look forward to a rocking-good soundtrack by Rob Zombie, the former Zombie King of the hard-as-nails metal band White Zombie. When you hear it you'll agree there's something about blowing up cars that goes well with Rob Zombie's music.

For over a year, gamers have been spinning their wheels, waiting for the third installment of the Twisted Metal series from Sony (now dubbed 989 Studios). What does 989 have planned for the king of 3D car combat--a mild tune-up or a massive overhaul? We went straight to Twisted Metal III's head mechanic, Senior Producer Ken George, for an exclusive interview on all things twisted.

Sony knows that part of Twisted Metal's charm is its twisted characters. Among the returning survivors are: Axel, Mr. Grimm, Outlaw, Spectre, Roadkill, Warthog, Thumper, Hammerhead (with a new, secret twist), and, of course, Sweet Tooth. Fresh blood includes Club Kid, Firestarter, Auger, and Flower Power, while bosses Minion and Dark Tooth are joined by a new big baddie, Head Hunter. George reveals that the characters who made the ' cut are the lucky few: "In our initial meetings, we had a list of about 100 different vehicles and 100 different characters, and we had to narrow it down to our favorites."

Amid the twisted metal and debris emergency crews scrambled to pull passengers to safety amid reports fuel was leaking from the train. Some passengers were carried away on boards and stretchers while others, looking dazed and battered, were led out of the wreckage by emergency workers. 041b061a72


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