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When Sundanese musician and composer Burhan Sukarma formed a gamelan degung group, he named it "Pusaka Sunda" (heirloom of Sunda). Burhan wanted to stress the connection of the group and the music it plays to his Sundanese homeland and to emphasize his belief that the group represents the inevitable flowering of Sundanese art which, despite the American heritage of many of its members, is nevertheless "khas Sunda" (truly Sundanese).

Pusaka Sunda is based in San Jose, California and draws gamelan musicians from throughout the San Fransisco Bay Area. The group was formed in 1988 and has toured extensively in California as well as in other states. Pusaka Sunda performs on a ten-instrument West Javanese gamelan degung built by Tentrem Sarwanto in 1993.

Gamelan degung is a form of Sundanese musical ensemble that uses a subset of modified gamelan instruments with a particular mode of degung scale. The instruments are manufactured under local conditions in towns in West Java such as Bogor and Bandung.[1] Degung music is often played at public gatherings in West Java, such as at local elections, as well as many other events.[2] There is international interest in degung as well among communities in other countries interested in Indonesia and gamelan music.[3]

Gamelan degung also playable in madenda scale, which included in the set as a complementary tone, usually marked as -3/ni tone in the set. Playing gamelan degung in this scale requires the substitution of the 3/na metal bars into -3/ni tone on all instruments.

Salah seorang nayaga Degung Parahyangan bernama E Sutisna menyatakan bahwa pada awalnya gamelan degung memang hanya dimiliki oleh para pangagung (bupati) dan digunakan sebagai hiburan serta media penyambutan tamu di keraton atau pendopo kabupaten. 1e1e36bf2d


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