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Gay Cowboy Fuck

The trip heightens the boys' sexual appetites. The Marine gazes down at the urchin face of the boy at his feet. "Eat it, boy," Hassan growls. "Eat that soldier's hunk of meat." In the other room Jason lies writhing on his back as the young gypsy rides him, "whooping in triumph, his arm raised like a cowboy on a bucking stallion." And the twins meet two breathtaking new boys. "It was like ...

gay cowboy fuck

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Randy and Bob have raunchy morning sex. Later Mario's relationship with Brandon reaches a make-or-break climax. "Brandon laughed at Mario's horseplay but was dazzled too by the fantasy of the naked cowboy riding his cock. A cowboy hat perched on his tousled black hair, Mario raised his arm triumphantly and whooped like a cowpoke riding a bucking bronco, his ass impaled on Brandon's cock."

It was the ultimate pornographic fantasy - the macho leather-master captured and humiliated as a muscular black slave, tied naked to a tree by his neck at the mercy of his men. Zack is forced to watch Randy and Mark make passionate love. Then all the men line up behind the naked leatherman to work on his ass. Randy fucks him like a gypsy cowboy riding the ass of a bucking black stallion.

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The 3 young cowboys sat around the campfire, drinking coffee and smoking. There was Jesse, the oldest at 28. His parents had been killed by Indians and they'd taken him on at the Flying Arrow Ranch. He'd been working at the ranch since he was 11 and when he'd reached 18, he became a regular ranch hand.

The last cowboy was Milo. Milo was 19 and had just been hired a year ago. He was a happy, friendly guy, always willing to help out others, usually with a smile and a quiet laugh. Like the rest of them, he was tough and calloused and handled his horse well. In addition to that, Milo was also lean and sexy and was one of the best looking cowboys on the ranch.

"No problem," Jesse said, "glad to do it. You're a great kid, always friendly and helpful and we really like that. You're almost a man now and soon you'll be a full cowboy just like us. We have another surprise for you that'll man you up some, but we'll give that to you later. But don't worry, you won't have to wait too long! Now go get in your bedroll and we'll wake you when your surprise is ready."

The 3 cowboys continued sitting around smoking, talking quietly and listening to the singing of the coyotes out on the range. When they were sure Joey was asleep, the 2nd part of Joey's birthday 'present' became the subject of conversation.

"OK, guys, Jake knows the drill," Jesse explained, "but you're relatively new here, Milo, so I'll fill you in. Basically, every cow puncher on this ranch has to be willing to take a hard cock up his ass. I know you like it, Milo, since I fucked your sweet ass just a week ago. If young Joey is going to join us as a full fledged member of this ranch, he has to be man enough to take it too."

Milo pulled one out first and then Jake and Jesse got the last one. "Ho, ho, lucky me," Jesse drawled, "I get to ride him first! Hot damn! I'll give the kid a fuck he'll long remember! Milo's got the longest, so he goes last."

"Provided he agrees, the two of you will lay him ass up on the bedroll and hold him down, while I grease him. After I mount him, you'll both let go and I'll ride him. Once he realizes he's going to get his ass fucked no matter what he does, I'll give him a proper fucking. Since Jake had the next longest straw, he'll go next and should have his dick greased and hard. As soon as I cum and pull out, he'll replace me and so on."

Jesse took this as a sign of submission and pulled out slightly and then pushed back in. God, this boy's tight young ass felt good! He wished he could fuck this boy all night long! He began making longer strokes until he was pumping the boy's ass steadily.

Jesse was close too. Realizing the boy was cumming, it put him over the edge and he felt his cock swell and it began planting his seed deep within the ass of the boy. He closed his eyes and his face grimaced as his orgasm overcame him and his cock kept cumming inside the boy while he let out a loud cowboy yell. Finally, it was over and he dropped onto the boy's back exhausted.

Now it was Jake's turn. Jake was short, stocky and powerful. His cock, while only about 6.5" was very thick. He stripped off his clothes, applied some dick grease to his rod and then pumped it until it was good and hard. He was really looking forward to fucking this young kid. He'd never fucked anyone under 20 before and he figured it was about time.

Jake went on, "I like to look a guy in the eyes when I fuck him, Joey. I want to see what he's feeling and I want him to see me while I'm fucking him. It's a extra turn on for both of us. I think you'll like it.

I had a vague recollection that the movie was based on a book so I googled it this morning, while still lying in bed in my nice fucking life, the dog nestled between us and calm, and I learned it was originally a short story by Annie Proulx, published in The New Yorker in 1997, so I spent an hour reading it and have spent all the hours of the day since then just gobsmacked, just sort of in a daze, the kind of feeling you have when you read really good short fiction. It makes me want to write but it also makes me want to just sit and think. I tell my students that thinking is part of writing, so.

Last night I watched Brokeback Mountain for the first time ever, and fucking hell I was not prepared! I\u2019m not a big movie person so I haven\u2019t seen a lot of classics, and while you\u2019d think the general vibe of \u201Cgay\u201D and \u201Csad\u201D and \u201Ccowboys\u201D and \u201Cmountains\u201D would\u2019ve convinced me to make an exception for this film, you would be wrong.

Parker and I have enacted a \u201Cno take out\u201D January after assessing that we were spending way too much money on delivery, especially considering we both really love to cook and we\u2019re both really competent at making food that tastes delicious, but I still wanted Saturday night to feel \u201Cspecial\u201D so we made cheeseburgers and fries for dinner last night (with homemade hamburger buns that were really mini challah rolls, made intentionally when we baked challah for Shabbat the day before) and then she turned on the football for a while because she\u2019s committed to \u201Cgetting into football\u201D as her only new year\u2019s resolution (lol), and our tiny dog whined and whined until we both got cozy on the sofa in the same room (he truly hates it when we are not in the same room, he darts to and fro between us on these occasions, and I imagine him thinking \u201Cthese dykes! Why won\u2019t they just get together in the same room, preferably on a soft surface, so I can relax for once in my life!!! And who doesn\u2019t want to sit on a comfy sofa all together, just the three of us, is that so much to ask?!?!\u201D to which I say, fair point), and then the football game ended and Parker was like \u201CI want to watch Brokeback Mountain,\u201D which is really unlike her because she shares my general disinterest for movies, and I shrugged and said okay and kept working on our wedding registry on my laptop, and then a few scenes into the movie I had to admit I was transfixed, and then a little while later I said, \u201CDoes someone die in this movie?\u201D and she said, \u201CI don\u2019t remember, I really don\u2019t, I haven\u2019t seen it in so long,\u201D but it seemed sort of inevitable, and then yeah, by the end we were both crying. That\u2019s an understatement. I went to bed feeling really sad and confused, like grateful that it\u2019s 2023 and I live in Portland in a house with my future wife and it\u2019s okay, and also like, what the fuck, why are people hateful, why do people still hate gay people, why couldn\u2019t Ennis and Jack just have a nice fucking life together, what the fuck.

I am not a gay cowboy on Brokeback Mountain in the 1960s. Yet I found myself weeping to the movie last night and the short story this morning. Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist are alive in my brain now. And also, it\u2019s fiction, which is different than personal essay or memoir. That\u2019s not nothing. That may, actually, be everything. I remember a book talk I saw between Torrey Peters and Carrot Quinn after Detransition, Baby came out where Torrey said she preferred to write fiction rather than memoir because it allowed her to tell the truth. Maybe that is the largest question: how do we tell the truth, while also guarding our own inner worlds, while also accepting that as writers the point is to share our inner worlds\u2026 maybe that final point is incorrect. Maybe we can tell the truth and not share our inner worlds. Maybe! I\u2019m really not sure. 041b061a72


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