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Buy Candles Online Free REPACK Shipping

Looking for high-quality, home fragrance products? Our Scented Soy Candles are made from soy wax and a lead-free cotton wick. These candles will burn cleanly for up to 45 hours, making them long-lasting and perfect for a variety of spaces. The benefits of soy candles are endless. Soy wax is natural, biodegradable, and can be easily cleaned using soap and water.

buy candles online free shipping

Diffusers are a better choice for adding scents to the room, and diffusers can be used alongside candles. Buy unscented candles made without petroleum, with wire-free wicks, for use with a diffuser. Diffusers are a safer way to practice aromatherapy, and they are available in most health food stores.

To determine if your candle and soap supplies will qualify for free shipping, each product will have a guide after the price of the product: ELIGIBLE FOR FREE SHIPPING: YES -- if it qualifies for free shipping or NO if it does not.

If it reads: (Eligible for FREE Shipping: YES) - then this product will ship for free, if your order total exceeds $100.00. You must be in the US for free shipping to apply

If it does NOT have this on the product page - then this product will NOT ship for free, but it will count towards your $100.00 purchase. Some products, such as wax, additives, soap, salts, and containers are excluded from free shipping, due to their heavy weight. However, it does count towards your $100.00 purchase and you will only be charged for the weight of these types of items, if you are over the $100.00 limit.

Example: You place an order for 5 fragrances and a case of jars. Your total is over $100.00, but the jars do not have free shipping. The shipping price will be calculated based on the weight of the jars only. The fragrances are not calculated in.

I have a bunch of empty candle vessels and I don't know what to do with them. Do you have a return program?We sure do! Feel free to bring your clean & empty Penn & Beech candle vessels to your local shop (we can remove the wick), and we'll give you a $1 credit per returned vessel to use towards the purchase of a new candle. Consider a drawer of empty candles a sign that it's time to pour a new one (or ten!).

From what are your candles made? Do they contain harmful ingredients? Our candles are made by hand using a soy wax blend, pure fragrance oils, and cotton paper wicks for a candle that is long lasting, clean burning, and true to scent. They are paraben and phthalate-free, not tested on animals, and blended with premium ingredients with no fillers or chemical additives. Our fragrance oils are a blend of synthetic and essential oils (when available in nature), and do not contain any additional chemicals to artificially enhance their scent throw at a lower cost (as many manufacturers do). They are certified skin-safe.

How long will it take for my order to ship?Every candle is hand-poured to order, so please allow 3-5 business days for us to pour your order before it ships - regardless of what shipping speed you choose. Our standard free shipping is UPS ground from Indianapolis, which can be as quick as one-day to your home once it leaves our production facility.

I want to place an online order but I haven't smelled your candles / have a question about a specific scent. Unfortunately, no one has invented the ability to smell remotely - yet! Until that day comes, we are happy to help you find the perfect scent. Please email and we'll do our best to guide you with our scent expertise! 041b061a72


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