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English Black Cinderella Full Movie 720p ((BETTER))

Colors and contrast feature an appropriate expansion as well thanks to the wider gamut and HDR10 grading, bringing out some extra shades and greater depth in lush greens, blues, and yellows. Specular highlights are also more pronounced and balanced without sacrificing detail. The aforementioned shot of Ella's mom outside is a perfect showcase, revealing details on her clothing in the sunlight that were otherwise blown out on the SDR transfer. The Fairy Godmother's sparkling magic, Ella's glittering dress, glowing torches at night, and exploding fireworks all radiate from the screen with sumptuous brilliance as well. With that said, as with the standard Blu-ray, black levels still appear just a hair elevated in some shots. Thankfully, I did not detect any of the minor banding or shimmering I encountered on the original Blu-ray.

english Black Cinderella full movie 720p


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