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ONE PIECE 15th Anniversary BEST

- 15th anniversary of TV anime [ONE PIECE] celebration!- Memorial of costume design [3D mouse pad] finally appeared!- It is an illustration drawn original!- Size: 260 210 30mm

ONE PIECE 15th Anniversary BEST


You can also go the modern traditional route, which says timepieces, such as a watch or clock, are best for the 15th-anniversary gift exchange. But feel free to think outside the box here, too. Unique twists on this theme, such as the Crockpot MyTime Programmable Slow Cooker, are also great anniversary gift ideas.

In celebration of the 15th anniversary of the TV anime One Piece, character goods company Morimoto Sangyo is releasing new 3D mousepads. These mousepads use original illustrations based on 15th anniversary costumes. They will release in June, and pre-order sales have begun for residents of Japan.

Similarly to the previous mousepads, the three characters for these new mousepads are Nami, Nico Robin, and Boa Hancock. Each one is based on a 15th anniversary design and shown in an outfit not seen in the series! The Nami mousepad is a brilliant orange color wrapped in gold, the Nico Robin mousepad uses tints of purple, and the Boa Hancock mousepad has a gorgeous and girly design. Of course, each one has a soft pad, and their beautiful stares are captivating.

New figure Doflamingo appears as the latest high-quality figure in the Grandline Men DXF brand series!! Doflamingo, along with Law (sold separately), is one of the most important characters in the One Piece original comic! This figure has Doflamingo in a special costume that celebrates the 15th anniversary of One Piece first air on TV in Japan! Age Grade: 15+.

The single best piece of advice is hard to nail down. I have had the benefit of being mentored by some of the most remarkable people in the world (in my opinion). Here are a few nuggets that come to the top of my mind:

I was invited to write a short piece for Edible Communities reflecting on the 15-year anniversary of these publications, which began with Edible Ojai and now include 90 Edible Magazines throughout the country.

Tomorrow is the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. While we've heard hundreds of stories about the heroic first responders and tower survivors, there may have been less attention paid to another group of people who were at ground zero day after day, the construction workers who hauled away the wreckage of the World Trade Center towers. They were also on a recovery mission, as they found hundreds of victims buried in the rubble.

We thought that since we are making our big comeback and celebrating our 15th anniversary, we would move the party in the National Capital for a weekend!The coldest music festival in the world is also coming to the place Jean-Béliveau this winter! Come warm up with us on our dance floor to the rhythm of the best beats. It's no secret that Igloofest 2023 promises to be completely crazy!


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