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Adobe Zii Patcher 4.0.4

Accede a IR > carpeta contenedora > escribe /Library > Application Support > Adobe > borrar todo el contenido de la carpeta OOBE que hay allí dentro. Todo esto debe hacerse con las Apps adobe cerradas.

Adobe Zii Patcher 4.0.4


Adobe Zii 4.5.0 is a one-click software patcher tool for Mac and its latest version has full support for ALL Adobe software. It functions very smoothly taking up for very space. You would find it very stable and Mac users should surely have this application. So, you can find all the installed Adobe CC in the folder called Applications and patch amtlib.framework. However, if one wants to patch it manually, they can do it by dragging and dropping software onto Adobe Zii Patcher 4.5.0 for one-click cracking. 041b061a72


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