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Cracked Neck Chisel Plane Wikipedia WORK

If the tooth has been sufficiently exposed but is still resistant to moderate force, tooth sectioning must be considered. The tooth is sectioned into appropriate pieces for easy delivery from the socket. Sectioning of the tooth not only avoids additional bone removal, but it also reduces operating time. Tooth sectioning can be carried out using a bur, which is preferred, or a chisel. In the standard technique, sectioning is carried out using the bur at the neck of the tooth, which facilitates crown removal first, followed by the roots in a single piece. Alternatively, the tooth may be divided horizontally also. Nevertheless, in cases of divergent roots, or where the path of withdrawal is complex, the roots may have to be divided and removed separately.

cracked neck chisel plane wikipedia

By definition these chisels are not intended to ever be struck with a hammer. Even if the handle does not split, their more slender necks will not endure impact forces gracefully. More often than not they are used to clean and pare to final tolerances joints cut using other chisels.

Sadly, the theft and fraudulent use of brand names and trademarks has a truly ancient history in Japan. Swords are an excellent example. There are many Ichihiro and Kiyotada brand chisels and planes sold on the internet ( especially auctions) and even in Kezuroukai in Japan that are pure-d fakes. Caveat emptor. 350c69d7ab


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