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an incredible combination of the hidden alchemy of isis, the hermetic tradition, and the esoteric wisdom of mary magdalen is revealed in this remarkable work. the real story of mary magdalene will be rediscovered in this book. the templars connection to isis will be revealed in a complete new way.

tom kenyons, more than a philosopher, is a mystic. he knows that the secrets of isis are only revealed when one has a direct connection to her presence. he has been dedicated to the study of magick since the 1970s, when he first met the order of the golden dawn in london. what is most remarkable about his research is that he has researched each stream of alchemy in the context of history, as if they were a part of our own tradition. but the focus of his work is on the hidden alchemy of mary magdalen. he has now collected all of his research into this book, revealing the secrets of mary magdalen.

in the magdalen manuscript, tom kenyons new understanding of the history of the templars and the alchemy of isis is revealed to the west for the first time. his discoveries about the history of the templars are stunning, as are his revelations of the true origins of the grail legend. tom kenyon brings us the secrets of the ancient alchemists that have been lost for so long. this book will truly transform the way you see the world, and your place in it.

the manuscript has a colophon dated 1537, which probably implies that it was copied in or after 1537. it has been preserved in the british library, and has been rebound by the famous bookbinder a. j. b. beale. in its present state the text is a transcription of a greek manuscript. this is supported by the fact that the christ church copy is by far the most legible, the leipzig and cambridge copies being badly damaged and the last portion of the leipzig copy, which would have contained the christ church copy, being torn off. the christ church copy is also the most detailed and provides the majority of the information for the leipzig copy, which is thus only a fragmentary copy. the last pages of the christ church copy are damaged and so the later part of the leipzig copy is also damaged. however, the christ church copy is by far the most legible and so has therefore been preferred as the original text. the cambridge copy is of the same general text, but some of the greek letters are in a different order, and the document also has a gloss. the leipzig and cambridge copies have been printed in the original order, but with modern spelling, and so are easier to read. 3d9ccd7d82


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