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Episode 3.11 ((EXCLUSIVE)) Download

Does your company have a plan for growing an internal Python community? What are the attributes to look for when bringing someone into your department? This week on the show, Pablo Galindo Salgado returns to talk about building community through the Python Guild at Bloomberg and managing the release of Python 3.11.

Episode 3.11 download

Pablo talks about his role as release manager for Python 3.10 and 3.11. He shares the intense journey the team has had this year in preparing for the release of 3.11. He details updating testing strategies to work with the new specializing adaptive interpreter.

I've noticed on an iPhone I am unable to view all (and only) downloaded podcast episodes. I can connect the phone to a Mac and via iTunes I can see all the downloaded episodes but I am unable to delete any of them...

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Python 3.11 is here! Keeping with the annual release cycle, the Python core devs have released the latest version of Python. And this one is a big one. It has more friendly error messages and is massively faster than 3.10 (between 10 to 60% faster) which is a big deal for a year over year release of a 30 year old platform.

On this episode, we have Irit Katriel, Pablo Galindo Salgado, Mark Shannon, and Brandt Bucher all of whom participated in releasing Python this week on the show to tell us about that process and some of the highlight features.

Welcome back to another episode of Coffee Break German Season 3! In this episode we are continuing our learning of the subjunctive. We review what we already know and then go on to learn how to make suggestions and give advice in German. Our dialogue for this episode is based on a letter to an

We are back with a new episode of Coffee Break German Season 3! In this episode we are introducing the subjunctive, a big milestone for German learners! Specifically we are learning how to express wishes and dreams with the subjunctive. We hear some examples of it in the context of a diary entry and as

Welcome to a new episode of Coffee Break German Season 3! In this episode we are introducing the gerund, as well as using the gerund as an adjective. We also learn a bit about Zurich from a travel article and listen out for some vocabulary from the article such as: Hauptstadt (f), Alpenstaat (m) and

We are back with a new episode of Coffee Break German Season 3! In this episode we are learning about using the past participle as an adjective. You may already know the rules of adjectives in German and this knowledge will help to enhance your understanding of this new topic. We listen to a recipe

Welcome to the latest episode of Coffee Break German! In this episode we revisit the topic of separable verbs, but today we focus on them with vorbei, weiter, zurück and weg. We listen to a dialogue between two people lost in a city, who ask a local for directions. Listen out for some key vocabulary

Welcome back to another episode of Coffee Break German! In this episode we are learning about the passive which is created with werden and the past participle. We then listen to a dialogue of a tour guide escorting his visitors around a distillery and he explains the process of making whisky! Listen out for some

Welcome to another episode of Coffee Break German! In Lesson 19 Mark and Andrea discuss adverbs which connect clauses: daher, deswegen, deshalb, darum, also, folglich, demzufolge and somit. We then listen to three separate voicemails in which we hear causative adverbs in context. Listen out for these useful words and phrases: etwas hinterlassen, die Rückrufnummer,

In this episode of Coffee Break German Season 3 we are discussing the new topic of qualifying adverbs: sehr, ziemlich, außerordentlich, völlig. We also listen to a conversation between school students Manuela, Tina and Tobias, who are discussing the latest developments at school and what they think of them. Some vocabulary to look out for

Welcome back to Coffee Break German Season 3! In this episode, we are reviewing relative clauses before looking at relative clauses in the genitive. We then see this grammar point in context during a conversation between Helene and Florian who are looking at old school photographs. Listen out for some school-related vocabulary such as: Schulzeit,

In this episode of Coffee Break German, Mark and Andrea focus on connectors which connect words, word groups or clauses. We hear many examples of connectors linking clauses before hearing a dialogue between characters Ben and Marianne in a coffee shop. Listen carefully for some useful vocabulary throughout this episode, including words and phrases such

  • To see the importance of parameter selection, pleasesee our guidefor beginners. Using libsvm, our group is the winnerofIJCNN 2001 Challenge (two of the three competitions),EUNITE world wide competitionon electricity load prediction,NIPS 2003 feature selection challenge(third place),WCCI 2008 Causation and Prediction challenge (one of the two winners),and Active Learning Challenge 2010 (2nd place).IntroductionLIBSVM is an integrated software for support vector classification, (C-SVC, nu-SVC),regression (epsilon-SVR, nu-SVR) anddistribution estimation (one-class SVM). It supports multi-class classification. Since version 2.8, it implements an SMO-type algorithm proposedin this paper:R.-E. Fan, P.-H. Chen, and C.-J. Lin.Working set selection using second order information for training SVM.Journal of Machine Learning Research 6, 1889-1918, 2005. You can also find a pseudo code there.(how to cite LIBSVM)Our goal is to help users from other fields toeasily use SVM as a tool. LIBSVM provides a simple interfacewhere users can easily link it with their own programs. Main features of LIBSVM includeDifferent SVM formulations

  • Efficient multi-class classification

  • Cross validation for model selection

  • Probability estimates

  • Various kernels (including precomputed kernel matrix)

  • Weighted SVM for unbalanced data

  • Both C++ and Java sources

  • GUI demonstrating SVM classification and regression

  • Python, R, MATLAB, Perl,Ruby, Weka,Common LISP,CLISP,Haskell,OCaml,LabVIEW,andPHPinterfaces. C# .NET code and CUDA extension is available. It's also included in some data mining environments:RapidMiner,PCP,andLIONsolver.

  • Some popular package managers (e.g., pip and vcpkg) can install LIBSVM easily.

  • Automatic model selection which can generate contour of cross validation accuracy.

Download LIBSVMThe current release (Version 3.3, August 2022) of LIBSVM can be obtained by downloadingthe zipfileor tar.gzfile. You can also check this github directory.Please e-mail us if you have problems to download the file.The package includes the source code of the library in C++ and Java,and a simple programfor scaling training data. A README file with detailed explanation isprovided. For MS Windows users, there is a sub-directory in the zipfile containing binary executable files. Precompiled Java class archiveis also included.Please read the COPYRIGHTnotice before usingLIBSVM. Graphic InterfaceHere is a simple applet demonstrating SVM classification and regression.Click on the drawing area and use ``Change'' to change class of data. Then use ``Run'' to see the results.

In this episode, we chat: why we were late with this episode #parentlife, why this episode is microcosm of this entire season so far, why the first 15 minutes is probably the most visually stunning camera work the show has done so far, why the coincidences are becoming a little too much, and Mary bestows a very special award upon Blake as well and much more!

Before viewing an episode, download and print the note-taking guides, worksheets, and lab data sheets for that episode, keeping the printed sheets in order by page number. During the lesson, watch and listen for instructions to take notes, pause the video, complete an assignment, and record lab data. See your classroom teacher for specific instructions. 350c69d7ab


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