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ER Mapper PRO V7.1 64 Bit

Very comprehensive article! I would love if you can take a look at, we are a small new team of previous mappers trying to make the difference. We are not as fancy as many of these products, but I think it may interest you and other readers.

ER Mapper PRO V7.1 64 Bit

I have a question concerning inundation mapping. In the first picture you showed above it seems to me that the inundation mapping is not limited to where I have cross sections. However, in my model, inundation mapping is limited to where I have cross sections and it looks like ras mapper would connect the outward points of every cross section and then, only calculate the difference between the Terrain and the WSE within this "polygon". But i would like the ras mapper to inundate everything around the river which is below WSE, even if there this place is "outside of the cross section range". Thank you for your advice.

A scalable block layer for high-performance SSD storage, known as blk-multiqueue or blk-mq and developed primarily by Fusion-io engineers, was merged into the Linux kernel mainline in kernel version 3.13, released on 19 January 2014. This leverages the performance offered by SSDs and NVMe, by allowing much higher I/O submission rates. With this new design of the Linux kernel block layer, internal queues are split into two levels (per-CPU and hardware-submission queues), thus removing bottlenecks and allowing much higher levels of I/O parallelization. As of version 4.0 of the Linux kernel, released on 12 April 2015, VirtIO block driver, the SCSI layer (which is used by Serial ATA drivers), device mapper framework, loop device driver, unsorted block images (UBI) driver (which implements erase block management layer for flash memory devices) and RBD driver (which exports Ceph RADOS objects as block devices) have been modified to actually use this new interface; other drivers will be ported in the following releases.[243][244][245][246][247]

Changes since previous release:Avi Fishman: i2cset: fix 'i' & 's' modes (3 extra bytes were sent)Avi Halachmi: lineedit: improve multiline PS1 - redraw using last PS1 line. Closes 10381Bartosz Golaszewski: i2c-tools: remove unneeded include i2c-tools: don't include linux/i2c-dev.hDenys Vlasenko: stop using atexit in non-debug build: saves 260 bytes in bss with musl use %m printf specifier where appropriate standalone shell / prefer_applets: fix "exe" in comm fields change BB_EXTRA_VERSION: now it needs to contain any spaces/parenthesis regularize format of source file headers, no code changes move get_unaligned_le32() macros to platform.h sparc: needs -fPIC config: deindent all help texts config: FEDORA_COMPAT option (so far only tweaks uname) config: merge "Busybox Settings" and "Busybox Library Tuning" into one menu config: more tweaking of help texts config: reorder items in "Busybox Settings", improve help config: trim/improve item names and help texts build system: FEATURE_LIBBUSYBOX_STATIC - try to pull libc/libm into libbusybox build system: fix "allnoconfig" to clear all options. Closes 10296 build system: remove unused CONFIG_FEATURE_HAVE_RPC libarchive: do not extract unsafe symlinks unless $EXTRACT_UNSAFE_SYMLINKS=1 libarchive: FEATURE_LZMA_FAST should be visible if FEATURE_SEAMLESS_LZMA libbb: avoid malloc/free in bb_unsetenv() libbb: do not die if setgid/setuid(real_id) on startup fails libbb/dump: allow skipping over stdin too libbb/dump: fix a few broken commits and shrink code libbb: hide getnetbyaddr() inside "#if ENABLE_FEATURE_ETC_NETWORKS" block libbb: make trim() return pointer to terminating NUL libbb: move capability names code to libbb libbb: new function bb_getgroups() - allocating wrapper around getgroups() libbb: safe_write should not return EINTR libbb: use _exit, not exit, in bb_daemonize_or_rexec() libbb: rearrange NOFORK/NOEXEC code, logic is not changed libbb: simplify NOFORK/NOEXEC defines, move set_task_comm to libbb lineedit: do not tab-complete any strings which have control characters lineedit: get terminal width before printing prompt lineedit: make read_line_input() not take timeout param main: fix the case where user has "halt" as login shell. Closes 9986 networking/interface.c: remove superfluous "& 0377" noexec: consolidate code noexec: do GETOPT_RESET() before entering APPLET_main() noexec: set comm field for noexecs nofork: fix a bug uncovered by hush testsuite (forgotten fflush) adjtimex,blkdiscard,free: make it NOFORK clear,nproc,tty,uname,arch,unlink,which: make them NOFORK pwdx,pivot_root,kill[all5],ttysize,realpath,readlink: make them NOFORK add/remove-shell,add/deluser,add/delgroup: make them NOEXEC make 17 state-changing execing applets (ex: "nice PROG ARGS") NOEXEC blkid: make it NOEXEC, make FEATURE_BLKID_TYPE=y default blockdev,fsfreeze,fstrim,mountpoint: make them NOEXEC brctl,chattr,lsattr,tune2fs: make them NOEXEC chvt,deallocvt,dumpkmap,fgconsole,loadkmap: make them NOEXEC cryptpw,mkpasswd: make them NOEXEC df,dnsdomainname,hostname,dumpleases,expr,fatattr: make them NOEXEC freeramdisk,free,stat,getopt,ifenslave,ipcalc,rdev,ipcrm,ipcs: make them NOEXEC ip,ip*: make them NOEXEC kbd_more: make it NOEXEC, remove redundant opt clearing loadfont,setfont,losetup,lspci,lsscsi,lsusb: make them NOEXEC makedevs,mesg,mktemp,nameif: make ithem NOEXEC modutils: make them NOEXEC except depmod nbd-client: make it NOEXEC, stop using argc date,resize,partprobe,ps,pstree,raidautorun,runlevel,setconsole: make them NOEXEC setkeycodes: make it NOEXEC, better --help text setlogcons: make it NOEXEC, better --help text setserial,stty,sv,svc,sysctl,tunctl,umount: make them NOEXEC users,w,who,uptime,renice,vconfig: make them NOEXEC adjtimex: zero-fill whole structure, to be on the safe side arch: new applet (same as uname -m). 30 bytes ash: align --login code with dash ash: alloc slightly smaller buffer in cvtnum(); faster unsetvar() ash: allow "trap NUM ..." syntax ash: implement BASH_XTRACEFD bashism ash: do not set a signal to SIG_DFL if it already is ash: fix display of ">&-" redirect in job strings ash: fix matching of unicode greek letter rho (cf 81) and similar cases ash: note which versions of glibc exhibit "rho bug" ash: fix nofork bug where environment is not properly passed to a command ash: fix redir_leak.tests if STANDALONE=y ash: fix "unset OPTIND" throwing an error message ash: force inlining of a trivial function ash: if !ENABLE_ASH_EXPAND_PRMT, disable PSSYNTAX code ash: improve set -x to quote strings as necessary ash: INT_OFF/INT_ON around run_nofork_applet() ash: less hackish implementation of evaltreenr() ash: make tryexec(cmd) parameter const char ash: more general format $var:EXPR:EXPR ash: more s/error/perror/ for better error reporting ash: one "current line = 1" might be missing, fix that ash: [PARSER] Add FAKEEOFMARK for expandstr ash: [PARSER] Catch variable length expansions on non-existant specials ash: [PARSER] Removed noexpand/length check on eofmark ash: [REDIR] Fix popredir on abnormal exit from built-in ash: [REDIR] Replace GPL noclobberopen code with the FreeBSD version ash: remove REDIR_SAVEFD2 ash: retain envvars with bad names in initial environment. Closes 10231 ash: revert previous implementation of "A=1 A=2 B=$A cmd" code ash: [SHELL] Optimize dash -c "command" to avoid a fork ash: significant overhaul of redirect saving logic ash: stage backported LINENO support as a separate patch ash: survive failures in $PS1 expansion. Closes 10371 ash: sync up with dash with respect to redirection escaping ash: unset OPTARG if getopts exits 1, support OPTERR=0 behavior ash: use mempcpy() where appropriate ash: [VAR] Add localvars nesting ash: [VAR] Do not poplocalvars prematurely on regular utilities ash: [VAR] Fix loss of variables when hash collides ash: [VAR] Fix poplocalvar leak ash: [VAR] Fix poplocalvar on abnormal exit from function ash: [VAR] Move unsetvar functionality into setvareq ash: [VAR] Replace cmdenviron with localvars ash,hush: ">&10" redirects to script/tty fds should not work hush: add a test which fails due to uclibc bug in getopt() hush: add support for "set -e" hush: add TODO for "set -e" hush: convert exp/ro/local parameters to bitfields in one flag param hush: correctly handle quoting in "case" even if !BASH_PATTERN_SUBST hush: do not accept "if() echo; " function def hush: do not assign to readonly VAR in "VAR=VAL CMD" syntax too hush: explain why wait5.tests is failing hush: fix a case when redirect to a closed fd #1 is not restoring (closing) it hush: fix and_or_and_backgrounding.tests failure hush: fix "cmd1 && cmd2 &" handling on NOMMU hush: fix comment parsing in `cmd`, closes 10421 hush: fix $##, $#?, $#! handling hush: fix handling of empty heredoc EOF marker hush: fix quoted_punct.tests failure hush: fix readonly2.tests failure hush: fix redirect code (was using uninitialized variables) hush: fix "(sleep 1; exit 3) & sleep 2; echo $?; wait $!; echo $?" hush: fix "true func_with_return" not allowing return hush: fix two redirection testcase failures hush: forgot to emit error on (failing) second "readonly VAR=VAL" hush: functions have priority over builtins (!) hush: implement "getopts" builtin hush: implement "readonly" builtin hush: implement "times" builtin hush: implement -d DELIM option for "read" hush: make SIGINT handling visually less confusing hush: make "wait %1" work even if the job is dead hush: massage redirect code to be slightly more like ash hush: print error messages on "shift -1" hush: remove redundant "G_flag_return_in_progress = -1" hush: remove superfluous comparison hush: rename a few functions hush: simplify insert_job_into_table() a bit hush: support $VAR:N:-M hush: treat $#? as "length of $?" hush: use mempcpy where useful hush: if STANDALONE, close interactive fd for NOEXECed children msh: delete this applet shell: improve comments on signal handling shell: add OPTARG poisoning to getopt_optarg.tests shell: and_or_and_backgrounding.tests is no longer "UNFIXED BUG" shell: make standalone shell tab-complete "busybox" shell: more efficient check for EOL in read shell: optional support for read -t N.NNN, closes 10101 awk: stop on first non-option, closes 9861 basename: do not use argc beep: disallow FEATURE_BEEP_FREQ = 0 in configuration blkdiscard: provide our own BLK[SEC]DISCARD if necessary bunzip2: fix runCnt overflow from bug 10431 bzcat: compile bunzip2_main() if BZCAT bzcat,zcat: simplify code if gunzip/bunzip2 is not selected cat: fix "cat -An" ignoring -n; make numbering go througn all files chat: do not die when HANGUP param is missing. Closes 10016 chattr: fix option parsing to accept more cryptic option combos chown: fix a mistake in opt_complementary change crond: allow $SHELL and starting user's shell override DEFAULT_SHELL. Closes 6458 crond: do not assume setenv() does not leak crond: support @daily etc date: maybe_set_utc only once dd: fix status=none. Closes 10066 ed: fix --help and reorder functions, no code changes ed: fix "\n" removal in command line; make "w" set "dirty = 0" free: no longer include common_bufsiz.h getopt32: factor out code to treat all args as options getopt32: move support for "always treat first arg as option" to users (tar/ar) getopt32: remove applet_long_options getopt32: remove opt_complementary hexedit: new applet httpd: fix handling of range requests httpd: skip "Status: " from CGI, including space. Closes 10291 inetd: fix for running by non-root inetd,mount: do not die if uclibc without RPC is detected init: reduce the window when init can lose reboot/poweroff signals ipcalc: trim help text ipcs: tweak output orer to match util-linux 2.28 kbd_mode: show "off" mode too kbd_mode: try harder to find console device if -C TTY is not given klibc-utils: add ipconfig.c work-in-progress klibc-utils: new applets: resume, nuke, minips makedevs: allow much longer filenames microcom: require exactly one non-option netcat: net applet (alias to nc) ntpd: do run the script at least once in 11 minutes ntpd: improve treatment of DNS resolution failures ntpd: mention in help text that -d can be repeated ntpd: perform DNS resolution out of send/receive loop. Closes 10466 ntpd: skip over setting next DNS resolution attempt if it is not needed pgrep: fix "pgrep -v -P1"; also allow matching of comm. Closes 10086 ping: better config help text for FEATURE_FANCY_PING ping: fix help text to show what parameter -p takes pmap: tweak help text, show usage if no params are given ps: implement -o sid ps: improve TIME column for large times: showing "14453:50" is not good ps: stop using AT_CLKTCK, there are more standard ways readprofile: do not close/free just before exiting rpm2cpio: handle LZMA compressed rpms. closes 10166 rpm2cpio: use rpm_gettags rpm: prepare rpm_gettags for reuse in rpm2cpio rpm,rpm2cpio: do not compile not-configured parts of rpm.c rpm,rpm2cpio: INIT_G() was missing (it is a nop here so far) rpm,rpm2cpio: put both sources into one file, no code changes run-init: new applet script: -f means "flush", not "fsync" script: make -t[FILE] compatible with util-linux script: make -t independent of scriptreplay sed: in '/regexp/cmd1;//cmd2', cmd2 should use the same regexp as cmd1 sendmail allow "=" symbol in recipient, closes 10241 sendmail: fix segfault if "To: email1,email2" is used setconsole: much better help text setconsole: since SUSE version has no -r, nuke our --reset longopt setfattr: new applet setpriv: accept any case in capability names setpriv: code shrink, and grouping capability code together setpriv: dump user and group info setpriv: factor out capability name printing setpriv: placate "declaration of 'index' shadows a global declaration" warning setpriv: remove dependency on libcap headers shuf: fix random line selection. Closes 9971 stty: add cmspar, flusho, extproc attributes stty: fix bb_common_bufsiz1 use in NOEXEC svc: fix a case where with more than one option, getopt() state is not reset svc: remove superfluout INIT_G() swapon: do not use FEATURE_MOUNT_LABEL, have your own FEATURE_SWAPONOFF_LABEL sysctl: fix file parsing, do not require -w for VAR=VAL sysctl: recognize ";comment" and "#comment" lines syslogd,logger: code shrink for musl tar: postpone creation of symlinks with "suspicious" targets. Closes 8411 telnet: "-a" + "-l USER" should respect USER test: fix 4-argument case time: fix build for toolchains without O_CLOEXEC tls: fix build problem on non-static i386 tls: fix pstm asm constraint problem tls: remove last int16 local variables in pstm code tls: use capped SNI len everywhere top: switch to malloced "globals" ttysize: if stdin is not tty, try stdout, then stderr ubi_tools: a bit smaller applet resolution code ubi_tools: ubiupdatevol supports "-" input and actually respects -s SIZE ubiupdatevol: fix bug with -sSIZE: was ignoring IMAGE_FILE udhcpc[6]: downgrade "adapter index N" messages to log2 level udhcpc[6]: fix messages referring to select() while we use poll() udhcpc[6]: initialize entire sockaddr_ll udhcpc[6]: make log2 messages for chaddr field indented like the rest udhcpc[6]: on log level 1, three messages about raw socket is overkill udhcpc: downgrade "MAC X:X:X:X:X:X" message to log2 level udhcpc: paranoia when using kernel UDP mode for sending renew: server ID may be bogus unlzma: fix SEGV, closes 10436 unshare: -r implies -U, not -u unshare: -r should map root to user, not the other way around unxz: get_le32 macro is obviously wrong unzip: implement -j, closes 9126 unzip: robustify overwrite checks unzip: sanitize filename length: malloc(1234mb) is not funny unzip: support symlinks. Closes 10031 uuencode: allow space instead of "`" as padding char. Closes 10046 volume_id: enable minix detection watchdog: do not use argc, other cleanups xargs: optional support for -P NUM. Closes 9511 xxd: allow "-" as file name meaning stdin zcip: fix slow environment leakEugene Rudoy (3): iproute/iprule: support toolchains without RTA_TABLE routing attribute unzip: fix content listing and filtering when -j is used unzip: add missing -j to trivial usageJames Clarke (6): networking: Fall back on IPPROTO_RAW when SOL_RAW is not defined blkdiscard: Only build on Linux xfuncs: Handle missing non-POSIX termios constants df: Use statvfs instead of non-standard statfs udp_io, traceroute: Standardise IPv6 PKTINFO handling to be portable grep: skip grepping symlinks to directoriesJohannes Schindelin (7): ash: protect WIFSTOPPED use with #if JOBS copyfd: guard use of munmap() with #if (windows builds need this) ash: remove no-longer-used variable ash: implement -d DELIM option for read ash: report reason when a script file could not be opened ash: when cd fails, say why xargs: support -a FILEKang-Che Sung (3): cat: allow compiling out -n and -b make_single_applets: fix ": $((fail++))" expansion error ps: allow ps config options if minips is enabledMarkus Gothe: lsscsi: fix xchdir("..") from symlink in /sys/bus/scsi/devicesMatt Spinler: watchdog: stop watchdog first on startupNatanael Copa: unzip: fix regression on big-endian machinesPatrick Steinhardt (8): setpriv: do not process remaining args setpriv: prepare option parsing logic for additional opts setpriv: dump no-new-privs info setpriv: dump inheritable capability set setpriv: dump capability bounding set setpriv: dump ambient capabilities setpriv: allow modifying inheritable caps setpriv: allow modifying ambient capabilitiesPeter Korsgaard: dpkg: fix CONFIG_FEATURE_CLEAN_UP handlingRon Yorston (9): printf: fix format string sanity check od_bloaty: fix floating point output ash: support platforms that don't have '%m' printf specifier libbb: remove vdprintf ps: fix build failure if FEATURE_PS_TIME is disabled libarchive: fix build failure on NOMMU systems tar: fix handling of first argument without '-' kill: add '--' option to separate options from arguments env: -u option fails due to typoThomas Petazzoni: Makefile: include per-arch Makefile before Makefile.flagsTimo Teräs: add-remove-shell: fix crash when shell is already addedUwe Geuder: bootchartd: prevent premature stop by device mapperXabier Oneca: chcon: show '--reference' in help text only if LONG_OPTS=y


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