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10.2.2 Calibration standards should be prepared fresh daily, as described in Section 7.3.8. Be sure that samples and calibration standards are matrix matched. Flush the system with the calibration blank between each standard.

Fresh Man 63.mp4

Download Zip: Calibration Blank. The calibration blank is used in establishing the calibration curve. For the calibration blank, use either 0.1 N NaOH or 0.1 N NaHCO3, whichever is used for the impinger absorbing solution. The calibration blank can be prepared fresh in the laboratory; it does not have to be prepared from the same batch of solution that was used in the field. A sufficient quantity should be prepared to flush the system between standards and samples. Calibration Blank. The calibration blank is used in establishing the analytical curve. For the calibration blank, use either 0.1 N NaOH or 0.1 N NaHCO3, whichever is used for the impinger solution. The calibration blank can be prepared fresh in the laboratory; it does not have to be prepared from the same batch of absorbing solution that is used in the field. Lift the inner tube assembly almost out of the container, and using the wash bottle containing fresh absorbing solution, rinse the outside of the tube that was immersed in the container solution; rinse the inside of the tube as well, by rinsing twice from the top of the tube down through the inner tube into the container. Using the wash bottle, partially fill the tubing with fresh absorbing solution. Raise and lower the end of the plastic tubing several times to allow the solution to contact the internal surfaces. Do not allow the solution to overflow or part of the sample will be lost. Place the nozzle end of the probe over the mouth of the first container and elevate the plastic tubing so that the solution flows into the sample container.

10.1 Calibrate the chromatograph using a standard made by injecting 10 µl of fresh hexane and 20 µl of chloroform into a sealed septum bottle. This standard will be 0.6 wt.% total hexane based on 1 gram of dry rubber.

9.2 Add the concentrations of the 5 hexane isomers as they appear on the CALS printout. Also include the 2,2-dimethyl-pentane peak just ahead of the methyl cyclopentane (the fourth major isomer) peak in the event that the peak integration split this peak out. Do not include the benzene peak in the sum. Note the nonane concentration. Record both results (total hexane and nonane) in the QC computer program. If out of control, and GC appears to be functioning within normal parameters, reanalyze a fresh control sample. If the fresh QC is not in control, check stock solution for contaminants or make up a new QC sample with the toluene currently in use. If instrument remains out-of-control, more thorough GC troubleshooting may be needed.

9.2 Follow this test method through section 11.4 of the method. After removing the sample of the first extraction to be run on the gas chromatograph, drain off the remainder of the extraction solvent, retaining the crumb sample in the sample jar. Rinse the crumb with demineralized water to remove any MIBK left on the surface of the crumb. Repeat the extraction procedure with fresh MIBK with internal standard two more times.

7.6.3 Prepare fresh stock reference standards every six months, or sooner if analysis results from daily calibration check standards indicate a problem. Fresh stock reference standards for very volatile HAP's may have to be prepared more frequently.

7.6 Sodium sulfite: Weigh 0.10 grams anhydrous sodium sulfite into a 100 ml flask. Dilute to the mark with high purity water. Invert 15-20 times to mix and dissolve the sodium sulfite. This solution must be prepared fresh every day.

Speak, by Laurie Halse Anderson, chronicles the struggles of thirteen-year-old Melinda Sordino after she is a raped by at a party the summer before her freshman year of high school by another student. Melinda tells her story in first person narrative. She describes events within the framework of the four marking periods of the school year.

The Legend Cars dealership will change stock depending on how many cars are marked as Out of Stock. Vehicles marked as Out of Stock will usually be replaced by fresh cars at midnight in your time zone.

Te'o entered his first college game at the start of the second defensive series early in the second quarter versus Nevada on September 5, 2009. On his third snap Te'o tackled Wolf Pack quarterback Colin Kaepernick after an 11-yard gain on third and 15 for his first collegiate tackle. After playing, but not starting, his first three games, Te'o made his first collegiate start in the Irish's game versus Purdue.[12] He played in all 12 games of his freshman season and finished the season with 63 tackles, the third-most tackles ever by a Notre Dame freshman behind Bob Golic (82 in 1975) and Ross Browner (68 in 1973).[13] Te'o also recorded 5.5 tackles for loss and 1 sack.

SEATTLE -- University Prep in North Seattle is pricey - it costs nearly $30,000 a year for tuition. But one local family says the high price tag wasn't enough to protect their son from bullying.\"I would often be punched, thrown in the hallways, things like that,\" says 18-year-old C.L. who asked to keep his name confidential. C.L. says they bullying started at University Preparatory Academy when he was just a freshman, and often happened in front of teachers. \"I did my best to ignore it,\" says C.L. \"I hoped it would go away, however it did not and it progressed.\"C.L. describes the hell of high-school bullying, both verbal taunting and physical assaults, with almost no emotion, but his parents couldn't hide their pain.\"At the end of his sophomore year he was a broken child,\" says C.L.'s mother through tears.C.L.'s father was even more pointed in his remarks, \"when we delivered our son to them in his freshman year, they got a happy-go-lucky kid and in two years they turned him into someone who was almost afraid to leave his bedroom.\"His parents say they're not rich, and worked hard to get their son into a prestigious school. They say he was a stand-out, excelling in academics and extra-curricular activities, and chosen for the honor board, the academic council and as a student ambassador. \"This guy - was their icon,\" says his father.When C.L. finally told his parents and the school about the bullying, the family says University Prep did nothing. Instead, their lawsuit alleges that by the end of C.L.'s junior year, U-Prep told them he couldn't return as a senior; that 'he didn't fit into the social fabric' of the school.\"Our son, who was the victim,\" says C.L.'s mother, \"the school was punishing him.\"U-Prep would not give an interview, and instead released this brief statement: \"The school vigorously denies the allegations in the complaint but due to confidentiality concerns cannot comment further at this time.\"Attorney Yvonne Kinoshita Ward says her office has uncovered a pattern of U-Prep ignoring bullying.\"In this case the bullies are from old Seattle money, and so the school's solution was to expel the kid whose parents had to work to get him into U-Prep,\" she says. The family is suing University Prep to get back nearly $100,000 in tuition fees. But most importantly, they say, they want to ensure this doesn't happen to any other students. 041b061a72


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