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Sonny With A Chance - Season 1

The first season of the television series Sonny with a Chance aired on Disney Channel from February 8, 2009 to November 22, 2009, and included 21 episodes. It introduces the six main characters of the series which are Sonny Munroe (Demi Lovato), Tawni Hart (Tiffany Thornton), Chad Dylan Cooper (Sterling Knight), Nico Harris (Brandon Mychal Smith), Grady Mitchell (Doug Brochu), and Zora Lancaster (Allisyn Ashley Arm).

Sonny With A Chance - Season 1

Sonny was getting her lunch in the cafeteria, when James Conroy, the week's guest star on MacKenzie Falls, came over and flirted with her. Chad comes over to see what they where up to and has that little fight with Sonny, which makes James think things. Then James asked Sonny out on a date, to which Sonny said maybe. Sonny then excitedly told Tawni that James asked her out, and Tawni freaked out, warning her that her best friend dated him once and she ended up wearing polyester pants. James called Sonny and asked her out again, to which she said yes after getting charmed by the flowers he sent. Meanwhile, Nico and Grady were planning on putting their head underneath the yogurt machine. The two got caught by Murphy, but not before Nico had a chance to put his head under the machine. 041b061a72


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