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Buy Bookcase Door

This secret bookcase door will perfectly hide the entry to your basement, study, man cave, or any other room. The hardware and mechanics are the same we use on our custom bookcases and are held to the same secrecy standards.

Choose your wall opening width using the dropdown boxes. The standard size of 38"W x 82"H replaces a typical 3'-0" x 6'-8" interior door. For additional details please see the sizing and installation document located at the bottom of this product page.

Choose your wall opening height using the dropdown box. The standard size of 38"W x 82"H replaces a typical 3'-0" x 6'-8" interior door. For additional details please see the sizing and installation document located at the bottom of this product page.

Adds wireless switch capability to your secret door. Available secret switches will be shown if selected. This option requires that your door be plugged into a standard outlet inside the secret room. All systems come prewired and are installed at our factory - no additional setup or installation required.

This is the standard access method. Simply wave the magnetic key in front of the hidden sensor in the woodwork to unlock the door. The door is powered by 8 x AA batteries* that typically last several years and can be easily replaced.

Allows the use of a wide variety of fun and exciting switches. Electronics are pre-installed and tested prior to shipment. Doors equipped with this option do not use AA batteries and require that the door be plugged into a wall outlet using the provided power adapter.

Open your door with a code of your choosing. Keypad is wireless and can be located in a location that is most convenient. Face is a brushed stainless steel finish. Requires the "Wireless Access Control" upgrade.

By far our most popular secret switch. Place the book in any location you'd like and simply tilt the spine towards you to open the door. Many classic titles available bound in beautiful covers. Requires the "Wireless Access Control" upgrade.

A Murphy Door is a hidden door designed to blend seamlessly into an existing room. Murphy Doors come in various designs and sizes and may appear, at first glance, to only be a built-in bookshelf, spice rack, mirror, or gun cabinet. However, each also acts as a fully functional, high quality door between two rooms. Unmatched when it comes to security and novelty, Murphy Doors are hidden doors that are ideal for concealing valuables or simply adding a unique touch to any home.

Yes; all of our Murphy Doors can be fitted with a hidden door locking system that is sold separately. Our systems include keypads, wireless key fobs, electromagnetic locks, biometric fingerprint locks, or a classic mechanical key lock. Any option you choose offers an added layer of security for the space or valuables hidden behind your Murphy Door.

Our single hidden doors begin at $1,016. Customizations, such as wood type, finish, or additional details, come at added cost. Customizing your ideal Murphy Door on our site tallies your total costs for an accurate estimate before buying.

Fiberboard is a stable and durable material made of leftover wood from the wood industry. A durable outer layer of paint or laminate is added to the board. The difference between various types of fiberboards, such as HDF and MDF, is mainly the thickness, yet also how impact-resistant they are. This determines if we will use them for bed frames, sofa frames, kitchen fronts, wardrobe doors, or something completely different.

Answer: First, measure the height and width of the doorway. Next, consider the depth of the bookcase and the number of shelves desired. Account for the thickness of the materials and any additional space needed for the bookcase door to swing open. View our full and free step by step instructions Right here.

Answer: Heavy-duty pivot hinges or hidden hinges are the best choices. Pivot hinges can handle more weight, while hidden hinges offer a more discreet appearance. Consider the


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